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Supported Employment is designed for people . . .

. . . who need added structure and support to achieve and maintain competitive employment in their community. Angelwood offers employment services through the Florida Dept. of Education, Vocational Rehabilitation and through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities via referrals. Through these referrals , our job coaches work with each individual with all aspects of finding, applying for, obtaining, and retaining a job. In addition to working on the necessary social, independent, and work skills they will need on the job, we also help them create a resume as well as teach important skills such as proper work attire, hygiene, etiquette.

Once a job is obtained, the job coach is there to help with any area of need, such as: training, problems, help with co-worker and supervisor communication, etc. Follow along services are provided until usually 150 days of successful employment are completed.

Important Information for Employers

Angelwood Employment Services- “It’s Just Good Business!”

Higher Retention
Retention rates among people with disabilities are higher than average, thus reducing your training costs.

Better Performance
According to a Harris Poll, 19 out of 20 managers give employees with disabilities a good or excellent rating on their job performance. Employees with disabilities work as hard as or harder than those who do not have disabilities.

Increased Production
People with disabilities motivate other employees, increasing productivity in work groups.

* Harris Poll Data

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